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Useful Tips for Eradicating Typos in Books and Manuscripts


Nowadays, with the increasing popularity of online publishing, more people than ever are taking the opportunity to turn their dream of becoming a writer into reality. Self-publishing offers simplicity and flexibility as well as bringing economic reward. However, the main disadvantage is that since just about any book can be self-published, it may also contain errors and typos, inadvertently discrediting the writer. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be that way and we have created a helpful list of things you can do to eliminate errors in your published work.

Use an online grammar checker

Grammar checkers are great, precise and can help to pinpoint some—although not all—of the errors in your text. You will still have to go through your text manually.

Hire a proofreader

The great thing about proofreaders is that they are experienced in this type of work and have a very keen eye for errors. Of course, hiring a professional can be rather expensive, but bear in mind that it may be more cost effective in the end, especially if your work also needs editing.

Go through your book multiple times

You should also try to go through your book multiple times. This will help you to improve your work and revise some of the content. Read each chapter once you have finished writing it, before moving forward to the next. This is a particularly very good idea for those writing their first book.

Use a word processor with style and grammar checkers

A lot of writers want to use Notepad or other tools because they are free. Yet a tool like LibreOffice or Open Office can still give you stellar value, even if they are free. However, if you are a serious writer, you may want to give Microsoft Word a shot, as it’s very flexible.

As you can see, there are many options for creating an error-free manuscript—happy writing!