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Three Top Tips for Writing Business Emails


These three rules will make your business emails stand out.

Emails are now a preferred form of communication worldwide. With countless emails being sent each day, it’s important to make yours as professional as you can. It’s not hard to do, but you have to keep these three rules in mind at every step of the way.

Keep it short

When writing an email, it’s better to keep it short and to the point. Say what you want to say with as few words as possible. In the modern age of email, people don’t have time to read through lengthy messages. It’s going to be easier for you and the person reading if you keep your communication straightforward. This also applies to your sentences. Don’t overuse commas—it’s easier to read and understand shorter sentences.

Keep it simple

It may be tempting to try and sound more ‘professional’ by using business jargon, but it’s always better to get your message across in plain English. It will make it easier on you and easier on the reader. Don’t use fancy sounding words just to try and sound knowledgeable. Keep to simple words that will get your message across effectively. An online thesaurus and dictionary are great tools to utilize.

Keep it correct

The number one tip for better business emails is to always check your spelling! When you have finished writing, read it twice over to check that you haven’t made any mistakes. It will help to read it out loud to ensure it makes sense. Spelling mistakes will definitely make your email seem unprofessional—it’s extremely important to check over your writing.