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Three Quick-Fire Thesis Formatting Tips


So you’ve learned how to write a thesis, and you’re all clued up on academic language. You’ve got the content written, but do you know how it should be laid out? Formatting a thesis and getting the structure right can often be overlooked.

Here are some quick-fire tips to help make your thesis easy to read.


This is probably one of the most time-consuming formatting tasks, but one of the most important. You need to check that the referencing is correct, both in-text and in the reference list. It’s important to follow the same referencing style throughout. Consistency is the key here. Double-check the title of your reference list, as certain styles require different headings. You don’t want to have all your references correct, but put ‘Bibliography’, when you actually needed to put ‘References’.

Remember that you are also likely to need a plagiarism declaration.

Title page

This includes information such as the title of the thesis, your name, your faculty, and anything else your place of study requires. It can be very frustrating for the reviewer if important details are omitted.

Check your layout

This includes things like margins, fonts and font sizes, page numbers, line spacing, and headings—check that the headings in your main text match those in the table of contents.