The Difference Between Rewriting and Editing


You always hear notions like editing, rewriting or proofreading a text. But you do have to wonder, is there a difference between them? It’s imperative to understand the difference between editing and rewriting because these will help you create better quality text in the end!


Editing an article or any other content requires both error correction and creative rewording. Most of the time, you edit a document after you have finished writing it. This is where you need to figure out if there are any changes to be made when it comes to the structure and content of your work.

Ideally, it’s best to work with a professional when editing an important document. The reason is simple; a writer is bound to be biased towards his work and will often be unable to see any mistakes. As a result, its quality may be compromised.

During the editing process, you can expect the word count to get higher or lower, depending on the situation. Sometimes, editing might repair grammatical mistakes, other times some portions of the text may need rephrasing. There are situations during editing when relevant parts of your text may need to be expanded with further examples or more concise explanations.

Editing an article, document or even a book is mandatory if you want to offer an enjoyable reading experience. It will also give you the opportunity to add additional information or correct what you have already written. Thus, working with a good editor will help you to achieve the very best results.

a Sample Edit


a Sample Edit



Unlike editing, rewriting requires you to completely rephrase the entire content. Usually, when you rewrite a document you have to divide the current piece into several main ideas. Once that has been done, you can create a new text based on those ideas.

There are many situations when you need to rewrite documents. You may need to rewrite content after something has been translated into another language and doesn’t quite make sense, or if you just want to create a new version of your old document.

Even if many people confuse these two services, the reality is that rewriting and editing are very different. As a result, you should figure out what you want to do with your content and proceed on that basis. If you want to build new text from something already in existence, rewriting can come in handy. However, editing is the way forward if you want to spruce up and improve your current article! Choose wisely, and you will get the right results in the end.