Quick Tips to Improve Your Writing


Everyone has to start somewhere—there are no instant experts. Once you begin writing, your ability will grow through practice. Here are some tips you can employ to help you towards success.

Communicate your main ideas

The most important way to improve your writing is to make your piece interesting for your audience. Try as much as possible to communicate your ideas in the first few paragraphs so that the subject of your writing is clear to your audience.

Minimise passive statements

Great content can appear insipid due to the overuse of passive statements. Use the active voice and dynamic verb forms more frequently.

Read aloud

This is an excellent way to spot faults in your writing. You will discover certain important errors in tone, syntax, and word choice that may not otherwise be easily detected during the writing process.

Proofread your work

Many new writers make the mistake of trying to impress their instructors and end up having their work rejected for revision or badly criticised. Patience is indeed a virtue in all life’s endeavours and becoming a successful writer is no exception. You must always proofread and edit your work before submission.

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a Sample Edit


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Make use of your dictionary

Your dictionary is a great companion in the field of writing and should be in constant use. Always refer to your dictionary when you are not sure of spellings, pronunciation, word usage, synonyms etc.

Avoid unnecessary words

Do not over polish your writing, cut out the clutter, and steer clear of redundancy. This way, your work is crisp and easy to read.

Ask people to read your work

You have spent time painstakingly putting together a beautiful piece, checking the punctuation, and run-on sentences. Even so, you should still give it to others to read for their critique and work on any feedback.

Experiment with different genres of writing

One mistake new writers make is to stay in their niche. If you remain in your comfort zone it will be difficult to grow and progress. Lay your hands on different genres; fiction, non-fiction, short stories, essays etc.

Read every day

Great writers are avid readers. A variety of novels, magazines, newspapers, and other publications will expand your horizons. During the reading process, make notes and look up any unfamiliar words in your dictionary.


Continue your writing at every opportunity. The more you write, the better you will become!