3 EASY Steps to Writing a Thesis Statement


A good thesis statement will make your paper stand out. The thesis statement is basically a sentence which sums up the central point of your paper. Ideally, it should appear at the end of your introduction to present the idea you want to get across. Follow these three steps and you will achieve the perfect thesis statement!

Step 1: Identify your main point and write it down

Once you have figured out the main point of your paper then write it down. Start off with a question, and write down your initial answer to it. You can then improve upon the answer as you try to make it better and better. Depending on the type of paper, you may have a different approach.

In an argumentative thesis statement, you need to demonstrate why your argument is valid. For an expository thesis statement, it is important to summarize the key development. In the case of literary analysis, the effects and techniques will need to be mapped out. Regardless of the type of thesis statement, the importance of the content must always be demonstrated and its relevance showcased.

Step 2: Establish three supporting points

Every thesis statement needs to have a few points to back up your idea. Coming up with three supporting ideas is very helpful for structuring a good statement, while also retaining the reader’s interest. It is important that the person seeing your thesis statement can immediately get a gist of the content since this will encourage them to continue reading to discover how your idea develops.

Step 3: Combine your idea and supporting points in a single paragraph

Once you have the main idea and a good set of supporting points, all that remains is to combine them into your thesis statement. It is crucial that you showcase all these in one or two sentences. Be clear and concise, do not be tempted to take a broad approach. Share an opinion, not a fact, and preview the supporting details, while simultaneously answering the research question within the thesis statement, if possible.

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“Be clear and concise, do not be tempted to take a broad approach.”


While every thesis statement may be different, taking the right approach will ensure yours is effective. Take your time and remember to state your main idea, preview the supporting details, and remain clear and concise. Everyone will then be able to easily understand the idea you are trying to convey. Experimentation is key when it comes to writing a good thesis statement, but with a bit of practice and these helpful tips, you can make it work!

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